Brevidia Training Program Management Team

Dan Needham President and Co-Founder

Dan Needham As President of Brevidia, Dan is responsible for creating and executing on the company's overall vision, overseeing all business operations and working closely with customers to grow the business.

Teaching college and industry courses for over 10 years Dan became acutely aware of the need to change teaching methodologies to increase curriculum retention.

Brainstorming with video production expert and elearning developer, Rhys Ludlow, Serialized Learning™ Methodology and Brevidia was born.

Dan co-founded TriAccess Technologies, a semiconductor company which was purchased by TriQuint Semiconductor in YEAR. His 18 years at Hewlett Packard provided a solid foundation to develop expertise in strategic planning, marketing, product development, and leading teams.

Dan has engineering degrees from UC Berkeley, CA and Cornell, PA, as well as an MBA from Golden Gate University, CA.

Rhys Ludlow VP of Product Development and Co-Founder

Rhys Ludlow As head of Product Development and architect of the Serialized Learning™ Methodology, Rhys is responsible for the product roadmap and provides overall direction of the video production teams.

Rhys founded Ludlow Media Solutions in 1997, a leading video production company specializing in training videos for corporate clients, received numerous awards including the prestigious Platinum and Gold Ava Awards in 2008 from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), in 2009 a Telly Award and an ITVA Golden Vision Award.

Ludlow Media produced and edited video training programs for Sesame Street, CaliforniaAssociation of Food Banks/USDA, Foster Farms,  Pizza Hut, Hewlett-Packard, VISA, The Gap, SBC/PacBell, Benjamin Cummins, Chevron, Supercuts, Matco, Intuit, Calfed , PG&E, Smith & Hawkin, Oracle, Sybase, Symantec, Birkenstock, 1st Nationwide Bank to name a few.

Rhys has three educational video programs on permanent display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

Sue Hay VP Marketing

As head of Marketing, Sue is responsible for branding, corporate communications, lead generation and channel marketing.

Sue founded Snowy River Marketing, Inc., a marketing consulting agency in 1997 specializing in online marketing and events. At Snowy River, she helped create and execute a variety of revenue-growing online marketing services for companies from start-ups like Brodia and Talk City major multi-national enterprises like Ariba, Cisco Systems, Netscape, and Yahoo.

She is a skillful problem solver and strategic thinker. Her strengths include identifying critical gaps in a client’s lead management processes; the development of lead nurturing campaigns that deliver relevant content and calls to action to the target audience; and project management, execution and analysis.