Improve Video Online Training and Video-based e-learning Products

Brevidia Training is an e-learning product that delivers a 100% video-based training and testing to employees of all literacy levels. We use a curriculum-based approach and advanced teaching methods like Serialized Learning™ to steadily build employee comprehension by blending new topics with review.

The program is easy to administer, highly effective, mitigates risk and saves money.

Brevidia’s video-based training is like watching TV (but with interactive quizzing), so your employees are engaged in relevant, industry-specific content.

video-based online training

Why Curriculum-Based?

Quite simply, traditional course-by-course training does not work! International research shows that over 90% of training is forgotten within 1 month. (Mercurie International research 2007).  Training concepts need to be reinforced over time in order to “stick”.  Training without spaced repetition built-in is a waste of time and money. Brevidia allows you to easily customize your curriculum and automatically includes reinforcement modules to cement knowledge.

Why Video-Based Training?

Video online training is able to fully engage and motivate learners regardless of their formal education.

Studies* have shown that video holds a learner’s interest, outclassing other training media and increasing information retention by 51%.  * (Wharton School of Business)

Employees are turned off by dry, dull, dated training material.Brevidia delivers video-based training in a lively “TV show” format that looks just like shows your employees might choose to watch on TV. Today’s workers relate to the industry-specific characters, engage with the concepts, and have fun answering the quiz questions that demonstrate their knowledge.

Why E-Learning Products?

Scheduling group training around shifts, absences, trainers, and space limitations has always been a nightmare.  Studies have shown that less than 60% of class time is actually spent on lesson content.

The benefits of e-learning make it the fastest growing segment of the training industry, but many industrial workers have been left out due to literacy and language barriers. Bevidia’s video online training approach allows all industries to leverage the power of  e-learning.

  • Easy bulk or individual employee enrollment
  • Automatically scored tests
  • Defensible records
  • Secure redundant data storage
  • No need to schedule around shifts, absences, trainers, and space limitations
  • Training message is consistent for all employees