Food Processing Training Methods and Research Articles

Information to help managers in the food processing industry, train employees more effectively.

Food Processing Methods

(GMPs) for the 21st Century - Food Processing
FDA document calls for,  “Ongoing and targeted training”,  “Documentation of training” and “Evaluation of training effectiveness”

Food Safety Articles

Selected food safety articles related to training.

Personnel Practices for Food Processors
This Canadian guide for Food Processing Employees includes a good section on hand washing methods.

Food Processing Research

Interesting food processing research articles.

(GMPs) for the 21st Century - Food Processing
Food Manufacturing Career Guide from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Under the topic  “Significant Points” this document mentions that “Food manufacturing has one of the highest incidences of injury and illness among all industries” AND  “Most production jobs require little formal education or training; many can be learned in a few days”. However they fail to see the two points as related.