Online Training Information

best practices online training

A collection of links to online resources and information dealing with employee training and learning. Includes best practices, training guides and more.  

Serialized Learning™ Whitepaper
Based on years of educational research, Serialized Learning™ offers a common sense approach to developing workforce training programs that incorporate often ignored best practices.

Video-based training increases sterile-technique compliance
A double blind study by the University of Maryland compares the use of video in training to other methods. Video was shown to be 224% more effective than other methods.

Online Training Tips

Information and tips about E-Learning, online training tips and Web-based Training (WBT)

How to Set Up a Computer Lab by Carol Luther
A quick overview of information and considerations when building an online training lab.  We plan to write a guide specifically for Brevidia training. Please check back. 

Best Practices-Training

Our selection of articles and whitepapers on the best practices in training employees.

Making Training Stick by Shaun Belding
Shaun clearly explains what is needed to create and support an effective training program.  

A Better Approach to Sales Training - Spaced Repetition Education by Carl C. Henry
Carl show how to create a do-it-yourself training program for sales training that takes advantage of spaced repetition and other best practices.